Perhaps you are considering psychotherapy (also called counseling), either for yourself or for a friend or relative.  Maybe this is a first time exploration or an interest in resuming work done in the past.  Perhaps you are eager to start this process, or a bit uncertain as to what this therapy stuff is all about.  Whatever the case, my aim within these pages is to provide a sense of who I am and how I approach therapy.  I hope it will help you form a basic impression of me and help you assess whether or not I might be a good match for you in this endeavor.

I work with adults, either individually or as couples, and have been doing so since 1981.  One way I often describe therapy is as a non-solitary means of self-exploration.  I believe that it is a process that benefits almost everyone who engages in it; that increased attention to and awareness of oneself and one's relationships almost always leads to positive changes (even if the exact shape of those changes cannot be imagined at the start).   

Deciding if therapy is right for you at any given point is often tricky.  Below are a few "junctures in life" that have inspired people to make the call:

         A major loss, setback, disruption or even humiliation, resulting in one's usual sense of equilibrium              becoming uncomfortably off-kilter;

         An increase in a disturbing experience - anxiety, tension, irritability, anger, conflict, sadness, etc.;

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David K. Donlon, LCSW
         A perplexing crossroad. Even small decisions can be troubling; larger, more consequential ones can be paralyzing;

         A growing awareness or intolerance of some long-standing, problematic internal or interpersonal pattern; 

         A bubbling up of a subtle, but nagging sense that life could be more satisfying.